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    Picture of 12 O'Clock Nylon Pedals

    12 O'Clock Nylon Pedals

    The 12 O'Clock nylon fiber pedals feature a low profile design that has ten traction pins for the ultimate grip.

    Picture of Bear Trap Pedals

    Bear Trap Pedals

    The SE Bear Trap pedals offer authentic Old School BMX styling, and a lot of grip and stability. The extra wide "bear trap" cages keep your feet exactly where they need to be.

    Picture of Big Honkin' Cruiser Bars

    Big Honkin' Cruiser Bars

    The Big Honkin' cruiser bars will turn any bike into an attention getter. The unique design dates back to the 70's, but these bars will feel right at home on any old school or modern day BMX cruiser.

    Picture of Bike Life Donuts

    Bike Life Donuts

    The SE Bike Life donuts not only protect your inner thumb from abrasion, but they also add some unique style to your ride.

    Picture of Bike Life Grips

    Bike Life Grips

    Form meets function with these comfy SE Bike Life Grips. The soft Pruven rubber compound allows long days of riding without hand fatigue. The WE RIDE AS ONE outer edge helps to keep your hand securely in place.

    Picture of Camo Donuts

    Camo Donuts

    The new SE Camo donuts protect your inner thumb from abrasion and add some fresh style to your bike. The four Camo colorways are guaranteed to turn heads on your next ride.

    Picture of Camo Padset

    Camo Padset

    Ready to add some new flair to your bike? We've got you covered with the new SE Camo padset! This three-piece padset comes in four different Camo colors to help elevate your bike game!

    Picture of Camo Seat

    Camo Seat

    You definitely won't be hiding when you roll out with the new SE Camo seat. With a comfortable and grippy top cover, this is the perfect seat for tricks and long-distance rides. And cheers to the bottle opener brace underneath the seat!

    Picture of Champ Clamp

    Champ Clamp

    The Champ Clamp is sure to hold your seatpost tight and in style.

    Picture of Checkerboard Donuts

    Checkerboard Donuts

    The new SE Checkerboard donuts protect your inner thumb from abrasion and add some fresh style to your ride. With a Black/White and Gold/Black version, you're sure to find one that looks great on your bike. Or better yet, get both!

    Picture of Checkerboard Padset

    Checkerboard Padset

    Add some style to your bike with the new SE Checkeboard padset! The classic checkerboard pattern is perfect to add some retro flair to any bike.

    Picture of Checkerboard Seat

    Checkerboard Seat

    Customizing your bike? The new Checkerboard seat is the perfect way to add some retro style to any bike. The grippy top cover will keep your butt in place on rides and your feet in place during tricks. And that bottle opener brace underneath will surely come in handy after the ride!

    Picture of Eluder Headset

    Eluder Headset

    The fully sealed Eluder headset features lightweight and strong 6061-T6 alloy cups with laser etched SE logos. The Tange Seiki sealed bearings feature smooth rolling Technoglide technology. The custom designed flat top cap features an awesome repeat SE wing pattern.

    Picture of Flyer Seat

    Flyer Seat

    Have a seat and take a cruise or raise it up with the crew with the super comfortable Flyer seat, which keeps your booty in place. There's even a bottle opener brace, which is sure to come in handy when you want to cool off with a cold one after a long hard ride.

    Picture of Landing Gear Fork - 1-1/8in Threadless

    Landing Gear Fork - 1-1/8in Threadless

    Landing Gear forks are the most popular BMX forks of all time. Built with the same full Cr-Mo strength as the originals, these forks will withstand anything.

    Picture of Landing Gear Fork - 1in Threaded

    Landing Gear Fork - 1in Threaded

    Looking to customize your classic BMX bike? The 1" threaded Cr-Mo Landing Gear forks are exactly what you need! Built to look like the classics, and strong enough to last a lifetime.

    Picture of Lockit Chain Tensioners

    Lockit Chain Tensioners

    SE Lockit chain tensioners for 3/8 axles allow for perfect chain adjustment and will keep your rear wheel locked in place.

    Picture of Narler Stem

    Narler Stem

    Inspired by a classic design from the 80's and named after a legendary SoCal BMX track, the Narler stem embodies the true essence of retro BMX.

    Picture of Oakland 4pc Cruiser Bars

    Oakland 4pc Cruiser Bars

    If you know anything about the Nor Cal BMX scene in the late '80s, you know that 4pc handlebars were all the rage. We have brought back this iconic design with our Oakland 4pc cruiser bars.

    Picture of Power Wing Bars

    Power Wing Bars

    Built from the original design, the Power Wing bars are one of the most stylish and comfortable bars out there. Updated with a big ol' 30" width and 9" rise, these bars will put you in charge.

    Picture of Power Wing Cruiser Bars

    Power Wing Cruiser Bars

    Back by popular demand! The Power Wing cruiser bars are the “happy medium” bars that are not too big, and yet, not too small. The rise, bend, back sweep and upsweep all hit the sweet spot for a comfy feel.

    Picture of Raise it Up! Seat

    Raise it Up! Seat

    The Raise it Up! seat features a super grippy and durable top cover that will keep your butt in place. The reinforced X-stitching on the back panel adds to the durability and longevity of this seat. And the SE bottle opener in the rear will come in handy after those long rides.

    Picture of SE Bikes Padset

    SE Bikes Padset

    It's all in the details. The SE Bikes padset not only offers additional protection, but also allows you to customize your ride.

    Picture of SE Racing Wing Padset

    SE Racing Wing Padset

    The most iconic logo that BMX has ever seen! The SE Racing wing logo is emblazoned boldly on this classic 3pc padset. These pads will dress up any bike, old school or new!

    Picture of Super Big Honkin' Cruiser Bars

    Super Big Honkin' Cruiser Bars

    For some people, "BIG" is not big enough. So we took our Big Honkin' cruiser bars and made them 'SUPER" big! With a 31.5" width, 7" rise, and unique shape and bends, there are no other bars on the market quite like the Super Big Honkin' bars.


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