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    Picture of Big Honkin' Cruiser Bars

    Big Honkin' Cruiser Bars

    The Big Honkin' cruiser bars will turn any bike into an attention getter. The unique design dates back to the 70's, but these bars will feel right at home on any old school or modern day BMX cruiser.

    Picture of Oakland 4pc Cruiser Bars

    Oakland 4pc Cruiser Bars

    If you know anything about the Nor Cal BMX scene in the late '80s, you know that 4pc handlebars were all the rage. We have brought back this iconic design with our Oakland 4pc cruiser bars.

    Picture of Power Wing Bars

    Power Wing Bars

    Built from the original design, the Power Wing bars are one of the most stylish and comfortable bars out there. Updated with a big ol' 30" width and 9" rise, these bars will put you in charge.

    Picture of Power Wing Cruiser Bars

    Power Wing Cruiser Bars

    Back by popular demand! The Power Wing cruiser bars are the “happy medium” bars that are not too big, and yet, not too small. The rise, bend, back sweep and upsweep all hit the sweet spot for a comfy feel.

    Picture of Super Big Honkin' Cruiser Bars

    Super Big Honkin' Cruiser Bars

    For some people, "BIG" is not big enough. So we took our Big Honkin' cruiser bars and made them 'SUPER" big! With a 31.5" width, 7" rise, and unique shape and bends, there are no other bars on the market quite like the Super Big Honkin' bars.


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